Where it’ll all begin…

I first got the idea to blog when writing our Christmas letter. After weeks of asking the loving-but-slow-to-do-tasks husband to get ‘er done, I did what most hard-charging wives do — rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Naturally, once I finished, he goes “OH you meant now-now, not just like, you know, now.”

Yeah, okay dude. Love ya but c’mon.

But then I thought, “How did that come so easily? I’m not a writer!”. Writing in English class? Terrible (who really cares what color the curtains are??) History class? Forget it (literally, I’ve already forgotten most of it.. good thing I’m married to a lover of history). But give me blank screen and say “Just write. Write whatever you want to write, however you want to write it.”


So, where it all began is I suppose our Christmas letter. Even though I know it wasn’t anything grand or exciting (quite mundane actually), it’s on the topic I know most about — our lives, happening here and now. And it probably looks a lot like your life. In a snap shot of one year, we spent 8 straight months long distance (6 months for him, 2 for me). Then you zoom in a little closer and you see the random ROMs that COVID graciously granted us (more on that in a later post). If you zoom in even more and you’d see the daily struggle of who’s getting this errand done and that car doesn’t like the winter so let’s swap them in the morning before PT. And if you look just one more step closer, you’d see a pair of lost officers, fumbling through life, wondering, “is this really all the Army has to offer?”

It’s not glory or patriotic or any of those things. It’s working 14 hours every day, getting married and then saying good-bye, still thanking the internal alarm clock for 7 a.m. wake ups on the weekend because that’s still sleeping in by 2 hours. It’s exhausting and thankless — and then you have this awesome conversation with one of your Soldiers that wants to be a nurse or the moment when your good idea fairy actually has a bomb-ass idea.

There you are, doing the things, leading the people, and somehow getting it all done.

Cheers to you, you lovely, badass, fierce woman.

I see you.


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